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file0001550988029From Rome I love the drive out to Tuscany, past rolling farm fields, excellent roads, and a beautiful scenery, it’s more than enough to help me get over my jetlag.  One of the cool parts of the trip is passing the ever present sunflower fields.  Some years it seems like they go on for ever, and other years I pass by when file0001026773682they’ve been left in the field unharvested, and it looks like mass extinction, which can be a little scary, those guys get really huge!!


file000895400830In Tuscany I often will find a nice rental on a farm, usually they’ve converted a building or two, offer up a local person to cook your meals, and the price is usually very reasonable.  From these rentals I will take day trips to the small towns and cities nearby, sightsee, grab lunch and shop for some dinner that I can take back to the house for a nice evening meal.

San Gimignano is one of my favorite towns to visit, with the tall towers, the history, the town, the shops, it really has it all.  I could spend days here (and I really have), but it can be a bit touristy, so other days I’ll venture to the smaller towns like Cortona or Lucignano where it feels like time has never entered the gates and you can picture the town as it was 7-8oo years ago.  I am always taken aback by the designs of these towns, built to keep out the invaders, the details are simply amazing.  Walking around you will always find something you hadn’t seen before, from hidden walkways, to interesting doors and stairs.

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